The Grateful Pet

A different breed of pet food

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Design Notes

The Grateful Pet offers premium, all natural meals for cats and dogs. First brought together by a shared mission to uncover the best for their dogs, they now offer a wider selection for our furry friends. Pivoting away from a home-based business with a more engaging and integrated visual language, The Grateful Pet easily stands out in a saturated market, making it a clear choice for the hoomans.

The refreshed identity uses playful colors and clean typography combined with simple lined illustrations to reach out to the modern-day pet owners. 

Clearer labels for COOKED, RAW and GENTLY COOKED  food types, together with colours of the packaging, are used to build a system that is easily comprehensible for the customers. We also carefully used a hand-written type that encapsulates a fun and laid-back attitude to make a (sometimes overwhelmingly) complicated product approachable.

The fun and witty copy further accentuates the brand’s accessibility to every pet lover out there.


  • The Grateful Pet

Year Completed

  • 2021


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