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Design Notes

The architecture of Sifang Museum is characterized by its exterior cuts and turns—a seemingly strong and prominent structure set within the peaceful and gentle terrain of Nanjing. Notwithstanding its angularity, the museum explores the repeated use of parallel perspective in Chinese paintings. This in turn creates spaces that drift between horizontal lines of construction. With the upper gallery suspended in mid air, the architecture of Sifang Museum is said to be a figure that hovers.

Design Notes

A vigorous plant that is integral to the arts and subject turned to for poetic inspiration, the remarkable qualities of the bamboo plant motivate the museum’s branding which is conceived as an art piece set within the picturesque surroundings and the backdrop of Nanjing’s rich heritage.

The effect of levitation despite a structurally harsh angled exterior portrays the Asian culture of relative reserved tendencies. Similarly, where stability is found in its lean appearance and cavities, the bamboo embodies the qualities of both the tenacious and the delicate. Having tensile strength superior to mild steel and a natural aesthetic beauty, the bamboo is also an exquisite component of the architectural design in the museum.


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