A grown-up identity for second-generation woodworkers

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Design Notes

Roger&Sons are the next generation carpenters. A business founded by their father now helmed by three young brothers. They are a blend of old and new where established carpenters work alongside younger woodworkers, experimenting with modern techniques and pushing boundaries of woodworking craft.  

The updated logo mark consists of a more simplified version of the ampersand – an important symbol of the family business and kinship.

The usage of a serif and a sans serif font in the logo underscores the traditional craft of woodworking with a new spirit taking it forward.


The Roger&Sons team has great vision and energy to break new grounds and lead the way for the woodworking industry. With the new branding to engage and connect with the younger generation of consumers, the brand visual language also embodies the energetic and youthful spirit that is also in line with the design-led vision they plan to forge ahead with the business.

The space, an extension of the rebranding, is important to bring people closer to what Roger&Sons do. 

It brings accessibility of woodworking and carpentry to the common people and functions as a showcase of their works and their inspirations.

Obviously, wood is used throughout the space. There’s a key design gesture in the space which Roger&Sons help built by interlocking and stacking lengths of wood. This provides a utilitarian purpose in this high-volume space, also allowing flexible lighting configurations for their multi purpose retail space.


Year Completed

  • 2020


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