Dumpling Darlings

A dumpling bar with a twist

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Design Notes

A dumpling bar with a twist, designed to break the mould of stereotypical Asian joints. The brand’s visual language is largely inspired by the Japanese manga found in Shokudo (casual Japanese eateries), with storylines based on a main character Jo and her pet pig, Pork Chop.

The logotype is also inspired by the vertical writing system and characteristic calligraphic quality of traditional Kanji.

 The contrasting mix of bright, electric colours is used to layer a pop treatment and youthful appeal to the brand. The interior design continues the visual language of a Shokudo, translated into a casual bar with cosy lighting and tongue-in-cheek graphics in various corners. The lights and canvas at the bar counter are both inspired by the intricate folds of dumplings.


  • Dumpling Darlings

Year Completed

  • 2019


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