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Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is the first edition of the Brand Guide Series by Foreign Policy Design Group.

Deftly balancing visuals and content, the guide rounds up iconic homegrown brands that attest to the current golden age of design in Singapore, and captures the creative labours gone into the making of the 17 brands featured. This documentation of the creative inspiration and design processes through brand and design reports, is filled with takeaways and anecdotes capturing the vision to fruition of each brand owner.

Borne out of Foreign Policy Design’s vision as a forward-thinking design studio, Brand Guide series is set to deliver more design and brand reports to the masses.

The dossier, by definition is a compilation of various set of documents, determines how the Brand Guide is bound and filed together — i.e., through a cover that takes its inspiration from a file folder; and the different brands volumes are ‘filed’ together with the ubiquitous file fastener.

Brand Guide centers our project solution on the core idea that is central to all designers and historians — that is, documentation.

Documentation gives us a sense of identity of who we are and our cultural markers. Brand Guide captures the contemporary brands and culture of a city during that slice in time, and in many ways, is a partial reflection of city’s identity and its contemporary culture.




Patterns picked for each brand report are closely related to the subject matter. For example, the green marble pattern featured in the introduction booklet harks back to our nation building days; a ubiquitous coffee shop table pattern during that time.



The pink paper used for packaging for the limited editions are paper used in the Chinese medicinal halls. We also use the same paper for the little fold-out history sheets that gives an overview of the early brands during our nation building days.