Brand, Innovation & Growth Consulting

Customers are the source of growth and Foreign Policy helps create magical experiences that organically attract and retain loyal brand advocates. Foreign Policy combines in-depth insights into customer behaviour and market trends with a decade of expertise in visual communication, branding and experience design to help ambitious companies differentiate themselves, create sustainable growth and ultimately outperform the market.

We help our clients determine how well their products are aligned with the value their customers desire and how well they tell that story. We combine hard metrics and creativity to build profoundly human-centred brand experiences, marketing strategies and growth campaigns that are at once relevant and timeless.

Companies based in Singapore looking to scale up branding and marketing capabilities for sustainable growth can tap on Enterprise (formerly SPRING) Singapore's Capability Development Grant (or CDG grant). Foreign Policy can help with projects in areas such as product development, brand strategy, marketing strategy and service excellence.

The grant defrays up to 70% of qualifying project costs including consultancy expenses and is available until Q4 2018. If you're interested in working with Foreign Policy under the Capability Development Grant, give us a shout on consulting@foreignpolicy.design and we'd love to tell you more and walk you through the process.