We Are Hiring

POSTED: 22 Jan 2018

Calling for reinforcements! Foreign Policy Design are looking for interior designers, senior graphic designers and interns.

1. Interior Designer

Yes we’re best known for branding but Foreign Policy Design is really a multidisciplinary design office that has a young and growing interior and space design team. We like to see space and branding working hand in hand to deliver a complete brand experience. Our works span across various commercial interiors that encompasses both graphic and spatial design mostly in the hospitality, restaurant and commercial spaces.

We are looking for an interior designer with strength in both 2D and 3D design aesthetics, showcases a hands-on, multi-disciplinary approach to their practice with commercially awareness and has the ability to meet targets and communicate ambitious ideas.

We’re looking for someone who:
• is able to join us for a 1 year contract
• has 3-4 years working experience
• has the ability to run a project independently
• sees the importance of integrating branding and spatial design as one
• enjoys a challenge
• can handle deadlines and run multiple projects at once
• is well-read & well-informed on trends and happenings of the design industry
• is capable of producing unique and exciting work
• is proactive, friendly & self-motivated
• is fun-loving and fits well with our studio culture
• a touch of humor is required

Technical Requirements:
• proficient in AutoCAD & SketchUp
• Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
• Knowledge of V-Ray or Rhino would be highly advantageous
• Fluent in English (written & verbal)

Please send your resume and work (do not exceed 5MB – Dropbox or WeTransfer Link is preferred) to appointments@foreignpolicy.design. Compensation will be in Singapore Dollars. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

2. Senior Graphic Designer

We are looking for a Senior Graphic Designer with 3-5 years of experience in the graphic design and branding industry, preferable also knowledgeable with interactive and web. You will be bending backwards and sideways with the studio and with our clients.

• You are super motivated, highly adaptable, immensely hungry to grow and produce kickass work.
• You should be well-versed in typography with exquisite design sensibility.
• You can think big picture yet also super immaculate on the finer details.
• You are also on top of current design and culture trends. Story-telling is at the heart of what we do – we count on you to roll out the most boundary-pushing concepts/ideas and designs.
• You are articulated and exude designer confidence.
• You should know Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign in and out with good understanding of HTML & CSS.
• You should also be used to dealing with demanding clients and deadlines.
• We prefer you know the ropes really well – with at least 3 years under your belt.

Brownie Points:

• Writing/Editorial Skills
• Photography/Photo Direction Skills
• Video/Video Direction Skills  including video editing suite
• Packaging & Packaging Visualisation
• 3D Modeling Software
• Interactive Design Experience
• Wayfinding Design Experience

Please write to appointments@foreignpolicy.design with your CV and an url link to your portfolio. We will make contact if we find your credentials suitable. Please note this position requires a relocation to Singapore.

3. Graphic Design Intern

We have 6-month internship positions open. All interns are paid (inclusive of travel stipend).

Basic Requirements:

Competency in Design software (inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and the like) – We run a pretty tight ship, so you can’t be sloppy when it comes to prepping your files for production! You’re safe if you:
• Understand that there’s a world of a difference when you accidentally specify a name card to be 80cm wide rather than 80mm. Same goes for a toilet sign that’s suddenly installed at a height 18m, when it was supposed to be 1.8m.
• Do not struggle to insert page numbers into an inDesign document via the master page
• Know how to navigate a Pantone colour swatch
• Are undaunted by lines of complex code. Our breadth of projects extend to web as well, since the world has progressed to the point where we’re all pretty much attached to our smartphones.

Mac-savvyness – We don’t hate PCs (they’re great for gaming!) but our studio is pretty much Mac-only.

Social Media Fluency – We’ll need you to flex your pseudo social influencer muscles from time to time! Stop looking at dog videos! If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, we suggest you set up one NOW. STAT! and get acquainted with the interface.

Detail-Oriented – OCDness to the max is what we advocate – whether the line is 1 pixel off or the files are not named correctly in our convention is utterly a big matter to us. We simply do not allow substandard materials to go out on our watch.

Brownie Points if:
• Your mind space goes beyond pixel-pushing and setting grids – “Think outside of the box”, said every creative, ever.
• You have “Feelz and Vibez” when you’re working on a project: If you don’t feel for the story, then there is no story. If there is no story, then we’ll have no jobs. Branding is more than just a pretty logo!
• Your Netflix/ Youtube playlist is NOT limited to “ABSTRACT” and/or TED Talks: Design is great, but not if you’re designing within your own black hole.  Live life a little, watch some Beyonce music videos. There’s much to learn from the Queen Bae herself. 

What you’ll be doing:

• Answering our doorbell (studio record: 0.02 seconds) and doing our coffee rounds…just kidding!
• Getting your feet wet with simple design tasks before graduating on to more complex ones. Hopefully one day you can eventually stand on your own feet – that is our goal for you for internship at Foreign Policy.
• You will be exposed to a large spectrum of design and production tasks, all depending on your aptitude and attitude.
• Because we are a small studio, you are also expected to roll up your sleeves and chip in studio-related maintenance chores. Everyone in the office does them, so should you.

To apply:

Please submit a CV (PDF) to appointments@foreignpolicy.design and a download link of portfolio of work (DropBox/WeTransfer). We will need both the CV and your portfolio to assess your qualifications. In your email please specify your period of availability and your eligibility to work in Singapore.

Our shortlist process:
• You will get an automated reply once you have emailed your information to us.
• Our team will assess your CV and your body of work. If you qualify, you will be shortlisted for an interview. Please note that we will only email you if you are shortlisted.