FP Studio Conversations Vol. 01

POSTED: 20 Nov 2017

Evening break sessions at Foreign Policy take on various forms. One of which, and our most recent favourite, includes going a few doors down to Creamier for a cone (or a cup — different strokes for different folks) of ice cream.

One evening, not feeling entirely up for my cone of pistachio ice-cream, I hand my cone over to Min Min for a bite. “Wah.. this flavour is very jelak, and very heaty,” she goes.

“Feeling heaty” appears to be a trope in our conversations, so much so that Iryna (who’s from Canada, and is fortunately not subject to the arguably absurd notion) laments whenever it comes up: “This shit again..?”, “Heaty? Isn’t it always heaty in Singapore?”

Yet, those unfamiliar with the concept will soon learn: feeling “heaty” won’t resolve itself by being in an air-conditioned room; it won’t prevent you from developing a fever, a nosebleed, a sore throat, ulcers, excessive thirst or irritability, but having a glass of starfruit juice will (as Min Min will have you know).

It’s not so much a situation that manifests itself externally, but internally; kind of like a feeling, and often, feelings can be a challenge to describe. If foods generated a vibe or an energy, this would be it. Jackfruit and I have always been civil with one another, but too much of her gives me feelings of irritability. Likewise, too much of Lettuce has me lethargic.

In light of this, our resident health advisor Vanessa has shared some of her tips on the energy of specific foods — warranted by her mother’s age-old knowledge.

Heaty Foods:
– Peanuts
– Chocolate
– Red Grapes
– Cherries
– Longans and Lychees

Cooling Foods:
– Cucumbers
– Green Grapes

Foods that generate phlegm when ill:
– Dairy
– Oranges

None of this is to say these foods are in fact bad for you, but everything in moderation, right? It’s great to have a plate of Nasi Padang with Beef Rendang for lunch, but don’t forget to have a bowl of mung bean soup after to balance out your qi. 😉

I guess it’s safe to say that far from limiting our skills and services to design and branding, we like to consider ourselves health consultants too.

For our next part of this series: how massaging one’s face in particular motions will “stop you from becoming ugly”, as advised by Aunty Alice (our friendly neighbourhood cobbler).