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Wanderlust (/ˈwɒndəˌlʌst/) as the dictionary defines, is a strong innate desire to travel.

Dreaminess, fantasy and the excitement of a new discovery — The project draws on these emotions to incite one’s dormant desire to journey and see the world.

The custom made logotype expresses the feeling of dreaminess, fantasy and the discovery of the surreal landscape of a new world.

The dash lines evoke the impulse to join the lines, as with the impulse to travel. The act of joining the lines is also analogous with the marking of lines from point to point, like a traveler would do on his map to plan/track his route. The airmail tricolor band is synonymous with traveling and correspondence — the conveyance of the emotions and thoughts kindled during a journey via mail.





The deployment of ITINERARY has completely changed the way guest checks into a hotel and elevated the wanderlust experience. Various visa stamps are ink-stamped onto the ITINERARY depending on the various activity the guests partake - checking in, assignment of room number and wi-fi password, payment etc. The notebooks are useful guidebooks with area maps, train/bus maps, shops and restaurants to check out as well as blank pages for notes.