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  • Space & Interiors
  • Installation
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  • Objects

The Space Program is a location-specific project that endeavours to revitalise ordinary spaces by providing a unique experience that is part museum, store and installation.

Re-interpreting and re-capturing the charm of ordinary spaces within a city, The Space Program seeks to redefine and re-engage visitors where they can learn about local culture in an unconventional context. Intended as part museum, part retail store and part installation, it features a curated mix of objects where design, intellect and contemporary culture meet.

Globally expandable as a concept, the goal is to embed the space program within different cities around the world, such that each new insertion introduces a renewed appreciation of the space.

A play on the pun of the symbol of a slash over the zero – which represents the numeral zero, or null, therefore a void – an empty space.

The Space Program was adapted to help the New Majestic hotel to significantly raise their guest experiences and to stay ahead of their game.

Opened in 2006, the New Majestic Hotel was arguably Singapore's first design hotel. Since then, the rapid proliferation of design hotels has made its differentiation increasingly difficult. In creating an intersection point where design, intellect and contemporary culture meet, guests to New Majestic Hotel are offered an experience beyond the usual kitsch of Merlion chocolates, Fine-city t-shirts and the thronging crowds of touristic spots.

We explored contextual elements of the hotel to compress and deliver 3 elements to the guests of the hotel – DESIGN, INTELLECT and CONTEMPORARY CULTURE – densified into nugget size for easy consumption for the hotel guests, offering an experience that is locally authentic, one that distinguishes itself from the commonplace.




Vacuum-packed washboard blocks — An expansion of the idea of a "product packed within a space", allowing visitors to take home a piece of setup with them.




The primary building block of this installation is the wash board, an icon of the grit and hard work of the Singapore’s founding fathers, is now re-interpreted in a new way engaging the modern travelers to Singapore today.


A minimalistic approach was taken for collaterals, representational of the program's principle in imbuing a neutral, void space with cultural context.