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Park Bench Deli: The place for tasty, satisfying sandwiches: The kind that you crave after a long day in the kitchen. Or at work. Or whenever.

Styled on the All-American Deli, a friendly neighbourhood fixture that welcomes you every time you push past the swinging doors — These are loud, boisterous and fun boys who’ve got a bit of a potty mouth, a little over-the-top, but a whole lot of good. Unless you feed their sandwiches to the pigeons, of course.

The stencil logo pays homage to personal messages and anecdotes that park-goers scratch/ scribble onto park benches — A mainstay and neighbourhood fixture that offers a moment to catch a breath, eat a sandwich and share a life story (ala Forrest Gump).

Business cards come in the form of ticket stubs, an invitation to partake in the festivities at Park Bench Deli (Pop-ups! Cook-outs!) and to just chill the hell out with a cheesesteak in one hand, a bottle of beer in the other.

The overall look of the collaterals references the fuss-free aesthetic of old school self-organised music events — Photocopied menus on coloured papers, cheeky hand-drawn illustrations and just that wee bit of vintage Americana.




Small takeaways: Now who doesn't love a nicely designed tote! ;)

Reminiscent of an all-boys den — Personal items of the shop owners (think family holiday photos and pre-loved items) line the walls, each a physical representation of the hands behind the sandwiches, who are always ready to dish out a fist-bump or two.



Park Bench Deli’s storefront and interior is styled on the All-American Deli — A friendly neighbourhood fixture that welcomes you every time you push past the swinging doors.

Earnest, friendly and wholesome, the space is a visual explosion of beloved vintage textures (think intricately patterned floor tiles juxtaposed against vibrantly painted wooden panelled walls) and the fuss-free laid back sensibility of your favourite mom-and-pop shop a few blocks down the street.