Project Info

  • Space & Interiors
  • Wayfinding

Gallery & Co. is the official museum store at the National Gallery Singapore with a food & beverage component.

Instead of taking the cues from the museum architecture and interior and designing a colonial-inspired space, we wanted to reflect the ’Singapore Spirit’ more prominently — one that is youthful, colourful that is set in a tropical landscape. We hoped to narrate the story of Singapore’s contemporary island lifestyle.

Inspired by the rudimentary shapes and geometry, as well as the building blocks we used to play with as kids, these blocks form an undulating display island cluster for the merchandise.

Conceived as a flexible modular but fun instrument for display, they are made of light weight wood construction with a vinyl sticker skin, as such they can easily be reconfigured in both form and outlook.




We customised the hexagonal tiles that are being used for the floor finish of the Cafeteria and the Left Wing.

The material palette was kept light and breezy, with the use of light wood trellis for the ceilings and walls. Light grey chevron marble cladded columns are set against the green customised hexagonal floor tiles inspired by our old kopitiam mosaic flooring. The use of the hexagon shape versus the usual square tile allows more flexibility to subtly change the configuration of each space.



Subtle visual cues were included to tie them all back to the branding ethos of the basic elements of Art. This can be found in the wall graphics, way-finding signage, and colour palette selections. Consequently, allowing for a seamless museum day-out experience for all consumers.


Due to the museum's existing beams, the ceiling height was much lower in this area, which made it an ideal cosy play den for children. The hanging rack for children apparel is an undulating rail where some portions dip down to children’s height.


Fittings in the Fashion area were kept light and almost invisible with the suspended acrylic shelves (wrapped in iridescent film) catching the natural sunlight washing into the space.