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Conceived as an “Entrepôt of Visual Dialogues”, the Gallery & Co. experience emphasises a thoughtful medley of collaborative work, where fine art meets applied arts.

Exciting collaborations between Southeast Asian and international artists, designers and makers further implement the vision of cross-cultural visual dialogue.

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Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group and produced by MATTER, these three scarves EN BLOC, CIRCLE AND LINE (both inspired by Roberto Chabet’s The Ceiling) and IKAN-IKAN, aim to merge contemporary design with the traditional technique of woodblock and hand-printing by artisans in India.



Packaging for these scarves took on the form of a brush roll— allowing one to re-use the packaging instead of chucking it away.



EN BLOC (meaning “as a whole; all together at once”) draws inspiration from Filipino artist, Roberto Chabet’s The Ceiling, in which cut-out shapes are laid out in a wave-like fashion.


CIRCLE AND LINE, also inspired by Roberto Chabet’s The Ceiling, depicts mark-making in its simplest form – the circle and line. The print, hand-blocked in grey cotton-silk, mimicks pencil on paper.


IKAN-IKAN (a Malay word that translates to “Fishes”) pays homage to fishing villages of Southeast Asia. Dyed blue, fishes in this scarf pop their heads playfully as they swim upstream.