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Conceived as an “Entrepôt of Visual Dialogues”, the Gallery & Co. experience emphasises a thoughtful medley of collaborative work, where fine art meets applied arts.

Here, Southeast Asian and international artists, designers, makers, and labels work together to implement this vision for continual cross-cultural visual dialogues. This is aligned with the Gallery’s focus on cultivating a deeper appreciation and understanding for Singaporean and Southeast Asian art.

Products echoing slogans such as ‘Social Realism’ are testament to an understanding of the time in which the art was created, allowing visitors to dig deeper into Southeast Asian art as a window to our shared history.

We also paid homage to the building by using elements, such as the iconic Rotunda, on the underside of an umbrella. This makes for an alternative way to bring home a "piece" of the building.




The Signature Prints Series is inspired by the distinctive patterns and architecture found in National Gallery Singapore. We drew inspiration from both historic and modern elements such as the tiles in the Supreme Court Foyer and the steel and glass canopy of the Padang Atrium.



Each art-inspired product is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the original artwork, extending it into the rhythms of everyday life.

We were mindful in lifting art beyond the canvas — by translating visual into the olfactory (soaps and candles), or abstracting pieces to reveal unexplored nuances.


The Little Artist Kit ties in with National Gallery Singapore's programming. Children can earn ranks and patches via participating in the museum's workshops or attending exhibitions.