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  • Branding

Sharing an entity with its heritage, The Clifford Pier draws from its legacy as a bustling port in Singapore during the 1930s.

Ginger flower motifs pay homage to William Farquhar who was fascinated with local botany during his time on the island.

Collaterals with color palette in sea-foam, coral and caspian blue; classic postage stamps accented with tropical flora and fauna, along with architectural elements, are reminiscent of the glorious voyages that set sail from this historical landmark.

A culturally significant landmark which left an indelible footprint in Singapore’s maritime and trading roots, The Clifford Pier was a landing point for immigrants and other seas passengers.

It was colloquially referred to as the “Red Lamp Harbour” by locals — Recognised for its red oil beacon which shone over the pier as a guide to seafarers.