Project Info

  • Branding
  • Wayfinding

Set within the gentle terrain of Laoshan in Nanjing, the architecture of Sifang Art Museum is a well-constructed mix of harsh angularity with an elegant appeal whereby the asymmetrical structure hovers in space.

Every view angle yielding a different trapezoidal perspective; the collateral system adopts the trapezoidal form.

A customized typeface made for the logo expressing the contemporaneous and progressive identity and personality of this contemporary art museum without any traditional baggage and association.




The form of all the collaterals underscores the inspiration from the architectural of the museum, which is a non-parallel quadrilateral designed by Steven Holl.




With the function of a museum being a canvas for all art work in mind, the design intent of the wayfinding is not to take attention away from the exhibits and therefore is as undesigned as possible.