The Pelican

The Pelican is a seafood dining institute inspired by the comfort and celebratory spirit of seafarers returning to land after a long voyage. Inspired by the pelican, a bird often seen on coastal regions, the restaurant brings to mind the anticipation visiting a brief haven where the comforts of good food and great company reside.

The graphic of mixing human characters interacting with sea-inspired animals is inspired by the dual functions of the Pelican restaurant & bar. As the evening progresses, The Pelican transforms from a dining space to a groovy bar to club and wine deep into the night. This blurring of the boundary between when it is a restaurant and when it becomes a bar is a blurring of what is formal and what is not, leading to our graphical interpretation of blurring the boundary between what is real and what is imaginary. As the boundary blurs, the graphic expression then goes into a series of illustration that features Mary Poppins-like character riding a giant pelican or playing sea-horse jockey. The same design intent is communicated within the interior space design through the neon pink sea-horse sporting a diver’s mask or singular tear-drop light fixtures suspended in air.