How to Grow Your Idea Bank

Good design is seldom complete without a good story. Aesthetics are ephemeral and transient; the only thing with longevity are good ideas. Every designer, in my opinion, should at least be able to write adequately well. Writing helps to develop clarity and frame ideas, it is a process that designers should not shy away from.

Here’s five ways to grow your idea bank:

  1. Read lots of books, of varied genres and subjects. History, Geography, Literature, every kind that you can get your hands on.
  2. Steep yourself deep in culture of past and present; by culture, it also includes music, film, architecture and the arts as well as the way of life of the human race.
  3. Observe & Collect – become a geek of every detail within your panorama, fill your head to the brim with observations.
  4. Experience needs to be lived, it cannot be downloaded. Get out there and try something out.
  5. Quit relying on the computer when you are making a story/idea. What kind of a good idea can it be if you are unable to see, feel or experience the research.

Yah-Leng Yu, Creative Director
An article contributed to The Design Society Journal Issue 2
Follow her @yahlengyu