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  • Web & Interactive
  • Branding

Gallery & Co. is a Museum Shop with an all-encompassing concept of Design, Retail, Food and Beverage (under one roof) housed within the National Gallery Singapore.

It is the official museum store and main cafeteria spearheading the brand marquee into the visitor’s experience at the National Gallery Singapore.

& Co. is a creative business partnership with collaboration at its core. The logo of &Co. is essentially: (________) & Co. with the empty box for any partner brands to be filled in.

Where Fine Arts meets the Applied Arts — the design language referenced the primary elements used in art-making:

— Lines and Dots

— Circle, Square and Triangle

— Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

resulting in a multitude of patterned possibilities, which mirrors the collaborative spirit of & Co.




A special set of patterns have been designed for festivities such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Christmas.



Supplementary collaterals include event posters and information sheets.


Staff are seen as partners of &Co. as well, and their name tags reflect this relationship.