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Park Bench Deli Branding and Interior
Park Bench Deli Branding and Interior

Interior Design & Architecture

Foreign Policy Design Group is an independent award-winning, cross-disciplinary team with a passion for creating inspiring places with a powerful visual impact.

Our Clients

We work with Singaporean and international clients on projects including boutique hotels and restaurants, retail spaces, workspaces, galleries and renowned cultural institutions. We design places, spaces and experiences based on a deep understanding of our client’s brand identity, end-users, and the needs of the broader community.

Our Approach

Foreign Policy uses a bespoke approach with an emphasis on collaboration, strategically partnering with property developers, designers and artists to explore the boundaries of what design can do for people, cities and our clients.  From early strategy and concept development through to design, implementation and delivery, we balance the emotive and the pragmatic, the conceptual and the technical.

Our People

Founded in 2007 by Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin, Foreign Policy Design Group represents a diverse group of people and thinking with backgrounds in architecture, interiors, marketing, technology, branding and creative direction. Our interior design and architecture practice is helmed by Elita Ong.

Interior Projects

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